10 reasons a handmade cannot be cheap

  • It takes a lot of time to make a handmade product because it is not made in serial and computerized molds.
  • The final product is unique and no matter how hard someone is trying to copy it, the original stays with you.

  • The product will be manufactured exactly as you wanted it. It comes out perfectly, meeting requirements.
  • Finding the materials needed to create the product takes a lot of time because it requires more attention because all  the materials used must match perfectly.
  • You must have a very good understanding of production to get good results. You need a very good knowledge in several areas and especially on the composition and properties.
  • It is not possible to reduce production costs and still keep the product quality high.
  • Producers make products to completely fulfill all your needs and desires. You are not forced to buy if the product doesn’t match requirements.
  • Every product has the creator signature and represents the creator. The creator cannot afford to sell sub-standard products. All  product target strictly the customer satisfaction.
  • The product has its own soul and history. It is charged with the positive energy of its maker.
  • A handmade product will always attract attention because everyone is attracted to unique things.




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