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21 steps to buying a used car

Things  to do when you want to buy a used-car.

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If you want to buy a used-car and you want to evaluate it by yourself you must know some details. Even if you know what to do, it is better to have a to-do-list, in order not to forget anything. Obviously, the most efficient way is to ask an advice from an expert and it is even better to go to an expert with the owner of the car. There are some stages of purchasing a car.

First of all you have to decide about some aspects: Continue reading …

How to buy a puppy

The decision of buying a puppy  has to be entirely yours and pay attention to the fact that is a decision as important as any major decision in your life. Being a decision that is all yours you must think at the steps toy have to make before having an animal friend .

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10 reasons a handmade cannot be cheap

  • It takes a lot of time to make a handmade product because it is not made in serial and computerized molds.
  • The final product is unique and no matter how hard someone is trying to copy it, the original stays with you.

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Why choosing a handmade soap?

Why choosing a handmade soap? We all try to minimize the amount of toxins accumulated every day through our way of living, through what we drink, eat or breathe but we forget the fact that there is a huge amount of toxins that we absorb through our skin. Soap, next to detergent, is one of the most used products of our days. It is not just about solid soap, including here shower gel, shampoo, liquid soap and all the products that come from this area. Now we are talking just about the commercial soaps that are sold all over the world and about handmade soaps, made with care and which have in their structure natural ingredients. If you want to minimize those toxins it is better to start using natural cleaning and maintenance products obtained in a natural way and without any sign of substitutes. Why to say no to normal soap? There are 5 reasons which can make you quit buying normal soap: Continue reading …